O.S. Systems is actively engaged with the open source community. Our collaborators have participation on several open source projects, such as: OpenEmbedded, Yocto Project, Linux kernel, U-Boot among others.

The Yocto Project logo

Yocto Project

Along with the OpenEmbedded framework, O.S. Systems uses on its infrastructure the Yocto project. Yocto Project provides a set of complementary templates, tools and methods for the OpenEmbedded framework, improving quality not only in the build process but also in the final product.

OpenEmbedded logo


The task of building embedded systems requires a fair amount of planning and infrastructure. The OpenEmbedded project is a framework that provides a fundamental piece of such infrastructure. With an environment designed towards cross-compilation, it allows building up complete Linux distributions for a variety of architectures. O.S. Systems not only uses the OpenEmbedded framework for its Linux products, but actively contributes to it as well, having inumerous commits on its repository.

Linux Project logo

Linux Kernel

The Linux kernel is used on a family of Unix-like operating systems, being one of the most successful examples of free and open source software. It also has O.S. Systems contributions on its repository.

Das U-Boot Project logo


Das U-Boot (Universal Bootloader) is the leading boot loader software for embedded devices. It is freely available for a large number of computer architectures, including 68k, ARM, AVR32, Blackfin, MicroBlaze, MIPS, Nios, PPC and x86.