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Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project, 2nd edition, released

Nov 17, 2017

Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project book, 2nd edition.

We are happy to announce the release of the 2nd edition of Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project book. It has been updated to reflect the changes in the Yocto Project since it has been published in 2014 and it is now fully up to date to Yocto Project 2.4 release (codename Rocko).

If you are an embedded systems enthusiast and willing to learn about the compelling features offered by the Yocto Project, then this is an essential book in your library. With prior experience in the embedded Linux domain, you can make the most of this book to efficiently create custom Linux-based systems.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the basic concepts involved in Poky workflows along with configuring and preparing the Poky build environment.
  • Configure a build server and customize images using Toaster.
  • Generate images and fit packages into created images using BitBake.
  • Support the development process by setting up and using Package feeds.
  • Debug Yocto Project by configuring Poky.
  • Build an image for the BeagleBone Black, RaspberryPi 3, and Wandboard, and boot it from an SD card.

The book is available for purchase from Amazon and several other stores. You can also search other stores by using the ISBN 9781788470469.