O.S. Systems offers a line of products developed using the latest technologies. Our products efficiently comply with the requests of home users, small and medium companies, big corporations and government institutions.

O.S. ThinTerminal

A minimal operating system for thin clients. It performs well and boots fast even in low resources machines. Designed with simplicity in mind, it provides a perfect solution for low cost RDP client devices.

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O.S. WinXPe

Customized version of Microsoft Windows XPe for thin clients, providing a user interface which is familiar to most users. The system has an updated software toolset such as Internet Explorer 7 and RDP 7.0 client.

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O.S. ThinDesktop

A lean operating system designed for thin clients. It is fully compatible with the main remote connection protocols. It includes a light and flexible control panel, where the administrators have total control over the system.

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Other products

O.S. Kiosk

O.S. Kiosk is a Linux-based operating system, developed for self-service terminals (ATM - Automated Teller Machine). Approved for different platforms and hardware configurations - including low processing power machines - the system provides a tool for remote administration and comfort to users by supporting touchscreen devices.

O.S. Multiseat

O.S. Multiseat is a system developed by O.S. Systems based on open technologies. It enables up to ten users with distinct displays, keyboards and mouse devices by using a single central processing unit (CPU). It provides virtual desktops with audio and individual mapping of removable USB devices with security and stability.


The O.S. SDK is a set of tools used for developing software to the O.S. Systems products. It is installed on a development machine, which means that you will develop your solution from a common computer and not from the final target, such as a resource-limited thin client. This allows faster prototyping, faster build times, faster test cycles and so on. With our SDK, the application development has its time-to-market accelerated.

O.S. Magic Box

O.S. MagicBox is a small and robust equipment designed to sensor monitoring. Using the 1-wire technology the O.S. MagicBox has support for over than 100 kinds of devices. With a Web interface is possible to make the O.S. MagicBox execute different actions according to conditions assigned by the user.