About O.S. Systems

Expertise in software development and system customization

O.S. Systems was founded in 2002, due to the lack options on the market of companies able to perform operating system customization and specialized consultancy in open source software. Since then, we are actively engaged to many World class projects and teams.

We have adopted GNU/Linux on our products for the stability, security and flexibility found in open source systems, allowing the company to fulfill its commitment of developing excellent products.

The company offers advanced solutions in information security, connectivity, high availability and clustering. We are in constant search for quality and optimization of resources, ensuring excellence in services provision and offering high quality products.


Our mission is to develop software solutions that gracefully fit the costumers' business model, always aiming for excellence in the process, in order to provide technological advances for customers and partners.


To be a global quality reference in operating system and base software development and innovation.


  • Credibility:

    with seriousness and responsibility in business;

  • Compromise:

    with costumers, valuing products and services quality;

  • Innovation:

    constant search for knowledge and creativity;

  • Recognition:

    enable the development of collaborators;

  • Ethics:

    ensure an open and transparent relationship and respect for the environment;

  • Focus:

    balance between profitability and sustainable growth.

Technological competence

Since its beginnings, O.S. Systems is working with free software projects, research and development on the operating systems area. The direct involvement with the Debian community projects led to a maturity in the software development process within the company, enriching its collaborators experience and the company's overall expertise.

Our close contact with the free software development community eases the access to a wide range of highly skilled professionals, with a fairly comprehensive knowledge. We also have a commitment to the free software community, returning fixes to several problems encountered during the developing process of our products. Thus, O.S. Systems puts itself in a good position to work on projects from different computing areas since it has great technical knowledge among its employees.

Research and Development

O.S. Systems has been in business since 2002 working on the development of free software based systems, with emphasis on the Linux operating system. During this period, we have established a good cooperative relationship with several free software international projects and large hardware companies such as Intel and AMD. These contacts enable rapid exchange of information and easy access to specific information about a variety of technologies.

Due to the development profile adopted by O.S. Systems, its developers can rely on international support of free software projects, including support by developers who are currently working on large computer, processors and chipsets manufacturers, which act directly or indirectly in the production of free software tools related to their products. The O.S. Systems developers also actively participate in the development and coordination of international projects of free software like the Debian project, FreeRDP, Xorg and others.